Missionary Catechists of the Poor

We are a feminine Religious Missionary Congregation with Pontific right, that was born as an answer of love to a CHRIST  REDEEMER and that follows a CHRIST VICTIM, feeling  sent to EVANGELIZE  all men, preferably the MOST POOR and ABANDONED

About Us

How beautiful over the field are the feet of the messenger who announces peace, who bring the Good News, announcing Salvation

The Missionary Catechists of the Poor were born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico the 21 of April 1926.

The congregation was born in the church for the Glory of God, by divine inspiration to EXCMO: MR. JOSE JUAN DE JESUS HERRERA Y PÑA, V Archbishop of Monterrey, a man of character, committed with his historical moment, with great humility and integrity, who lived in total abandonment to God’s will. This inspiration was given also to REV. MOTHER ANGELINA RUSCONI ROLLERI, religious of the Congregation of the Daughters of Maria Auxiliary, had profound life, interior, exquisite charity, apostolic jealousy, simple and joyful. 

Their strong experience and profound faith in Chris Victim, for the retention of men, took them to give their lives in expiation and reparation of sin.

The context in which our Congregation was born was the intense religious persecution in Mexico, with all its grave consequences of injustice, martyrs, profanation, cult prohibition and other forms of oppression, as well as the great need of evangelization and catechesis. 

Our Mission

In this greatly salvation and life needing  world, we want to be A Small LIght in Darkness

Our principal job is the Evangelization and Catechism. In the more distant places of the deverse Diocesis.

We carry out our evangelic labor through:

- Popular missions
- Catechists formation
- Bible reflexion groups
- Leader and Agent formation


How beautiful over the field are the feet of the messenger who announces peace, who bring the Good News, announcing Salvation

We actually participate in 22 communities in different sectors. We are contributing in the indigenous, farming, urban and hispanics sectors in the Unites States, initial formation, missions and general teams. Likewise we have formation courses in Thelogy, Bible, and Catechism. We organize retreats and vocational journeys.

Join us

Christ Calls You Today!
A noble audacious heart, 
With the intent of listenting the voice of the Lord
Willing to live the mission that Christ wants from you

Join our congregation! We inviteyou to be part of this beautiful adventure in the following of Christ. If you heard the voice of the Lord, contact us.

You can also participate in many other ways: as a volunteer, benefactor, employee or teacher.

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